First modeling - need help

Hi there. I’ll start my first modeling with blender and I’ve already got a question. I don’t know the exact english word, so I hope this is the right one. How can I set the weighting (it’s called something like this in C4D) of edges, faces, etc? I really hope it’s the right english word … well if it helps: The weighting affects the “morphing” (interpolation?) of a subsurfaced mesh.

Check the bottom of this page for info on creasing/weighting edges, under “Weighted creases for subdivision surfaces.”

BTW: this function is only available for edges, not individual vertices.

Thanks a lot :)! I’ll be asking all my questions in this thread during the modeling process if I’m having problems. I hope this is ok for everybody.

Yea go for it. you are allowed to do that. But I think you would get a better turnout if you posted a WIP in that forum, they will give you criticism on your modeling and topology or anything else. Good luck with the project!

Okay, thanks for the tip :). Just one more question: I’m working at home on Windows XP. I’ld like to copy my preferences and just copy them onto my Mac install. Is this possible? I couldn’t find a preferences file in my blender directory.

Damn I am stupid! Sorry, I just forgot that .blend files save the interface :). Thanks anyway ;)!