First modelling work (Korg triton LE)

Ok i have read that blender noob to pro from wikibook to that point where i should do my project and blaa blaa blaa, you all know that thing.
So my friend told me about this program 2 days ago, and i started yesterday, this is my first time modelling anything, so dont expect anything awesome :)…

I modelled a ‘electric piano’ synthentisator, or what is it in english. Please dont be too rough on me, but still i really need some critique. This isnt the final version of it ofcourse.

So tell me how i can add those logo texts and other texts so it wouldnt look so empty and what that disortion (or what its called) on those first two white ‘buttons’ and how i can get it away :S??

And please give me good advices what i should do :slight_smile:

Thanks allready


It’s rather well done for one of your first renders.

It should be noted that the black keys have rounded edges. This can be corrected by subdividing the black keys (assuming that you have subsurf on), or by adding vertices to the edges of the keys.

Also, the sides of the keyboard don’t seem to match the shiny black top of the keyboard. I would change the materials settings on those so they match up a little better.

Now all you need is a scene!

Right when I saw the title,"!NoobWarning!", I instantly thought to myself,“Watch it be good.” And hey, look, I was right. A lot of newbes that just came in are getting really good, fast. Like you.

You can just bevel the black keys, and you see the top three keys with artifacts(that’s computer graphics for things randomly put in your image that shouldn’t be there that make your image look bad) have more than one face on top of each other, so get rid of them and your model will look top notch.

ok thanks a lot :)… and forcet, it is meant to be different from sides (i mean the material) because it should be korg triton LE and it is shiny from middle and sides aint so shiny.

Please more tips and hints :wink:

No, what I ment was two faces are right on each other. Like they are one face, but they are not. They are overlapping.


why don’t you put a real topic here instead of some dumb n00b alert…

Yeah, no one cares if your a noob or not. Everyone here is treated with the respect they deserve and if you aren’t a jerk you’ll get the help you need. As for the key board, try cleaning up the keys to the far right. If they are supposed to be that way, it doesn’t really look like it. Actualy, the whole right side is a mess.

well i am so sorry about that topic %|… i have allready cleaned that right side.

Can we see it?

You can change the topic by editing the topic of the first post. :slight_smile:

Keep up good work.

ok, actually its still a mess… i got another problem there but i’ll put it here now


The last image is very good, but something weird on the black keys.

I have a KORG X3 and it is great (cost more than my computer). I got it when Windows95 was new and used it as a Hi-Tech MIDI sound machine. Back in those days it was impressive to have that hooked up to the computer and play music.


yeah i dont know what those bugs are :S… but hey, i have tried to put a ‘screen’ to that, but i cant get it glow :confused:

Hahaha! I just onticed that in your first post it says,“Ok i have read that blender pro to noob from wikibook” instead of ,“Noob to Pro”. No wonder your so good!

Haha :D:D lol!!.. Well it is edited now ;D…

That’s not bad for an early attempt. I modelled a Juno-106 as one of my first projects although I should point out that the keyboard model was my third or fourth attempt.

really nice model!!!

How do you put those texts in there, and logos?

He illegally downloads the logos, without permission, and UVmaps them in Blender. :smiley: Just kidding we all do it. Nice work, by the way.

He uses UVmapping as seen here in the 3 minute noob tutorial…

oh thanks :slight_smile: