First monster I've ever finished (Now with final video!!)

This the ‘whale fly’ for a small vfx project I’m working on. It’s a mock commercial for a huge bug zapper. I’ve got part of it up on youtube:

Believe it or not, there’s actually a good detailed texture under all the darned hair!

EDIT: Updated to have hexagonal texture on eyes like useoftoaster suggested. (see 6th post)

EDIT 2: Uploaded a wireframe screenshot.

EDIT 3 (8/27/09): Final animation I’ll be doing with this is finished!


Looks good - although I think a hexagonal pattern on the eyes would really complete it, maybe with a reddish-orange mirror reflection as well. The animation is also really nice, I didn’t even notice that the wooden structure was 3d initially (partially due to my distraction at the shiny spinning object!).

I was looking at some reference images while making this, so I kept forgetting that this was supposed to be huge, so I think I’ll redo the eyes to have a more hexagonal pattern like you suggested. :smiley:

Wow,the wings a great,hope I don’t see one of those at night…!:smiley:
I had a nice hexagon texture (tiled by me),I’ll see if I can dig it up,if you like.

Oh no need, I’ve already retextured the eyes for that.

Updated the bug eyes so they’d look more menacing and have a hexagonal texture as useoftoaster recommended.


Is the wings texture hand draw ???

Actually, the wings are composed of two pieces (per side). The first piece is the brown support that makes the wings flap, and the second is the crackley clear stuff that’s also on the wings. I hand painted a texture for the crackleyness (no other word comes to mind, sorry) on the clear part, and the brown support is just a procedural that you can’t even see.

Here’s a wireframe screenshot.


Woo triple post!

I’ve posted up a short animatic of one scene with a swarm of whale flies if anybody’s interested.

I’m rendering the final shot of this right now if anybody’s still curious about this. It’ll be a long time though before it’s finished. Right now it’s about 10 minutes per frames, but it’ll go WAY up once it reaches the last 100 frames. I estimate it’ll be a good few days before it’s done.

10 minutes per frame… what was I thinking… Now it’s up to 1 hour, 41 minutes per frames… man this is a pain in the… donkey… It’s been going for 6 days now!

Oh well, frame 307 out of 365… pphhhhhttt… “There is no emoticon for what I’m feeling!”

Looks interesting. Did you finish this?

Haha! You couldn’t have asked at a better time roofoo. The finished animation is being uploaded to youtube right now.

EDIT: By finished animation, I mean one other shot I was working on where a whole swarm of flies invade my property. I didn’t finish filming this before I moved into my dorm here at TCU, so this is all I’m going to get done on it, but it’s fine with me. The important part is I learned much about VFX. Finishing the mock commercial was secondary to me.

Ok it’s up!