First Night Scene - Arch Viz

Hey guys,

AN attempt at my first ever night scene. Got the inspiration from a house I saw on Houzz and decided to give it a go. More to come in the series but this is the first so far. While i know it’s miles from perfection, for a first time night scene with multiple lights etc, I think I did a fair job. Any constructive feedback would be apprecated.


Hi good job !
Just a trick i learnt for lighting a night scene,
using an hdri (evening one work well) and add a gamma node between the environment map and the background nod! Then tweak the strength and the gamma node to achieve dark blue skies, that work very well for a night scene!
I’m not a pro, but I share some tips that was useful for me!
Keep the good work going! Bye!

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Thanks Pixel. Will try that out when I get back in. Used an evening HDRI and saturated the blues in post-production.

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Looking at the post title I thought it was going to be some nsfw artwork!

Haha ‘Night scene’. Sorry to disappoint pal! :smile:

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