First object in Blender. Advice and opinion require!

Hi! This is the first object that I fully created from myself in Blender. I’m new in the 3d world and I’d like to get some advice and opinions from you. Hope you like it :wink:

I think that looks excellent!

Here’s a couple seconds of PS to adjust levels (I probably over did it a bit, but was being lazy and didn’t compensate with curves)…

That’s very good for a first model. The beveled edges and the recessed parts make the model look more realistic and no so 3D-ish. The lighting is also good for this type of object. The only thing that is distracting is the grass in the background. The device looks like something that you would find on a desk or table, so that would be a better environment.

Is this fully created in Blender? For a first model, I gotta say, it’s amazing.

This is truly great for a first model!

Can you post a wireframe please? so we can see the topology :slight_smile:

Hi guys!
Thank you to everyone! I’m very happy to see that you liked my work!
I crop your tips and in the future I’ll follow them.

Of sure! One image hasn’t the subdivision surface and the other one has it with 1 iteration.