First Official Yafray Render

The other renders don’t count.
All future renders of this project, I will show them in new posts, and edit them into this post.

NICE work my only crit is the small plate it looks flat try and make the edges stand out more other than that looks good mabye try making a tea or coffe in the cup

haha… one of my first models was a cup too, yours is much nicer though.

Well, this is definitely not my first model, which is probably why it’s better:D . For the record, all the meshes here may be completely remodeled before I’m through. I’m basically just trying to get the basic scene set up.

I’m beginning to like Yafray…

sure its yafray? looks alot like indie to me…

No. It’s just the noise that makes it look indie. I’m using strictly HDRI lighting. No lamps. Which particularly brings out the noise.

If you’re going to make any posts, you should put them in the new thread:

I deny double-posting! There was a… important… transition from this thread to the next. It was completely justified… I assure you.