First oficial flying machine - 14 Bis

A model I’ve done to for a tv video. All Blender, no pos.

Really nice shot!! The textures are looking awsome! I specially like the set up and the colors!

Cool! Looks professional: good textures and render settings… Although seems that this one is not flying :slight_smile:

good choice of colours!

I like the way you can see into the tail section :slight_smile:
and I agree, the tan on the blue backdrop was a great choice

I really like the subtle transparency of the cloth material:)

actualy it’s note the tail, it is the front of the ship =]
looks very weird but it’s the way it is.

wow really?
that’s confusing:confused:

and the BG are two Blend textures, one linear and one radial with Add or Screen I dont remenber =]

14-Bis is faaaar from the first flying machine.
I took off the ground by its own power in front of a large public. It was not the first flying machine.

What about hot air balloons or dirigibles?
Santos Dumont himself built several dirigibles.

Now, about the model.
Take a look at the wings

The wings in your model are different, very different.

The textures are nice.
Maybe you could provide some pics like if it was flying? With a more “realistic” background color?

I really like the subtle transparency of the cloth material

I like it too.
Did you used glossy refraction on this material?
Great shot!