First one

Hey there,
I want to share my first Project what I’ve done without a tutorial. I’ pretty proud :slight_smile:
Everything is modeled by myself in Blender.
Tell me what I can do better next. :slight_smile:

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Great render for first time!! Was this rendered in the latest version of blender?

Here is some tips to make you scene a bit better:

-For the toilet, you can see the vertices, or lines that pop out. So, there are two things you can do to smooth it out:

You can find the Shade smooth option (it is in the tool bar but you can use operator search)
Or you can use a subdivision modifier

Also I realized some odd thing on the first BIG mirror:
The reflection, shows something green, so to fix that, just add a wall the same texture as every other wall behind the camera scaled up a bit so the mirror reflects the wall making it feel more like a room.

And for the shower, I’d recommend to add a shower head. If you have any troubles modeling you can use this website here:
Also, some tips for other projects:

If you go into your addons tab (located in preferences) you can select Archimesh and Archipack to get premade meshes to add to your project. It is really great addon.