First one

Hello, this is the first rendering that I dare to show… :o
I discovered Blender 2 months ago and followed several tutorials.
Any constructive critiscism is welcome :slight_smile:

My native language is french so sorry for my poor english…



that looks really cool you should put it in a game

Thank you for the comment! I would love to have the skills to make games. For the moment I learn how to create still images …

imo, this spaceship looks like a toy so i like your idea :slight_smile:

That looks much better then my first render.

One of the things making it look like a toy is the mirror underneath it. Mirrors set a scale for the model, and large mirrors are still not more than a couple of meters long, which limits the percieved size of your model to less than that. The details on the model also set the scale, putting in some small details such as bolt heads or rivets, or access panels, or even some lettering, might make the model look larger.

Take a look at a close photograph of a military jet. You’ll see all sorts of detail that is invisible from a distance. It’s that sort of detail, or the lack of that detail, that says “real” or “toy.”

Great model, by the way, and very nice texturing. You’re well on your way. Welcome to Blender Artists. :smiley:

Hmmm, it looks good.
But it’s really great as a first render! (That you’ve shown)
I would say your better than me.
I would say the only thing it needs, is a better background (Kinda bland.)
I would like to see that flying. Once you learn how to animate.

Thank you so much for those explanations and great ideas for improvements!
Thanks also to the others who replied. I didn’t expect such feedback :o