First Organic mesh in blender

i would like some advice on removing n-gons from hand and feet and the steps to add in knuckle feartures. Thanks:)[ATTACH=CONFIG]328149[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]328150[/ATTACH]

It looks really good, but I couple of things that I would add: suggestion of a collar bone, and suggestion of knee caps

[ATTACH=CONFIG]328506[/ATTACH]update added colar bone and knees

There is a tutorial called Blenderella which focuses on modeling a female character. I believe you can find it on YouTube. It is broken down into anatomical sections, so you can watch the video where the artist is modeling hands and feet, for example. Not only has this tutorial been helpful for me, it is fascinating to watch a master at work. The only problem is that it is highly detailed work and I find myself feeling pressure to emulate that sort of detail. At any rate, in the Blenderella series, she follows the ideal of no tris or n-gons. I suggest this as a good place to look. Otherwise, for me, it’s a matter of trial and error.

The reason you get ngons is because of the topology you use. There are some great mesh topology tutorials by Jonathan Williamson on Blender Cookie. He also made a (really old) tutorial on modeling hands using blender v2.4.
My advice for hands and feet is to start with the fingers and toes, then model and connect the hand later. I usually model stuff like that in a separate .blend and then append it into the scene with the character. Anyways, fingers are basically just 8-sided cylinders with loop cuts at and between each knuckle (maybe two for each knuckle) Then you just delete the vertex ( or face) on the top of each knuckle and extrude the hole inward, like you did with the kneecaps. Using an eight sided cylinder keeps the vertcount low and makes it easy to use only quads. But there’s really no good way of modeling hands and feet without some reference, though. Lookup photo references and topology references.

Something else you may want to know: faces need to have correct topology or they will look ugly! I have made the mistake of using bad topology at least five times. The tutorials I mentioned earlier are really helpful, and also you might want to look at Blender Cookie’s face modeling series. There’s a free course for male faces. The first lesson of the female face series is free.o

She looks pretty good so far. It’s so much better than MY first organic model [shudder].