First Organic Modeling Attempt - My Face!

So ive been learning blender casually for about 2 months now, havent done anything really serious with it yet but im getting there. i took some ref pics of myself and started using edgeloop techniques ive read about various places to try to build my face. so far heres what i have:

I had some problems with the nose and chin due to bad perspective on the shot from my front, but ive managed to work around alot of it so far. im gonna try to finish out the whole skull and eventually texture/hair it and whatnot. ill keep progress updated.

Pretty good. Better than my first face. Make the part where the top of the nose meets the forehead wider.

Nice stuff… I am a noob as well…worse though, started trying to model a human body a couple of days ago…its hard, but your one looks good. Nice work :wink:

i worked on it a bit more just now:

the skull seems a bit cone-headish to me, i have long hair(and lots of it!) so i traced the outline of my skull too large, im working on bringing that down to a more reasonable size right now.

[edit] so as not to double post - i did more and started ears. spooky eyes!