First organic modeling (nudity)

Hey there :slight_smile:
After some weeks trying out blender. I decided to do my first organic modeling :).
I would very apreciate?(sure wrong spelling) some advices about the mesh topology.

thx , w4ld

“After a few weeks trying out Blender”…
Is it your first ever try at a 3D program altogether ???

I think the hips are strange and a bit “pointy”
Can you post front views and side views ?

Here are the requested front and side shots.
And yes, Blender is my first 3D Program altogether. But I do nude drawings (correct term? :slight_smile: ) for some time, so i have some general understanding of (female) anatomy. And I modelled at first with references to get the right proportions.

thx, w4ld

slightly strange proportions but very good for a few weeks