First original project completed

Up until now I’ve been following a lot of tutorials, but last night I finished my first original piece. I thought I would toss it up here to get some feedback and see how I might improve in the future. You can see the full size render here

Nice mood, but where does the stairs lead to? Looks like its a deadend or is it just my eyes?

Oh you are so right! There’s is a little bit of a hall way at the top of the stairs, but with the lighting and such you just can’t see that at all! I’ll see what I can do to fix that up!

yup there should be some light coming down from the second floor if that’s the case :slight_smile: Also, might look better if you can slide the windows and walk out the backyard instead of just windows

Alright, I took your advice and made some changes.
-opened up the hallway to let light in.
-put in french doors in place of the windows.
-put in curtains for the doors.
-put in blinds for the windows.
-added a few outlets for added detail.
-placed a pumpkin on the table for a center piece.

Edges are too sharp IMHO.