first own blender upptaded

This is my first own render. It should look like the thing you hang your clothes on. Later on i add some windows, some sits and some thing more.



all i see is no then loads of lines

It’s a copy-paste link.

crits and suggestions:

  1. render bigger
  2. turn on OSA in renderbuttons
  3. make it a bit brighter
  4. change the background color to something nicer or create a real wall
  5. add details

1: On the way in my next render
2: Oki
3: On the way
4: Have that i mind
5: On the way.

I also thingkng of change the view so al of you can se what I´m doing.

Have edit a litle and ad some detals.
I want to know how to make the space whit in the white ring look like glase.,4-19.jpg