First pair of dice

Well, i’ve been working on this for a little bit today, what do you think? All done in Blender

try adding some reflective textures! it looks good

how do you do that?

Click on the dice, press F5 (the shading tab) then click on the materials button (the one where you change the colors/etc, then under the “Mirror Transparent” tab, click the box that says " Ray Mirror" and move the Ray Mir slider up to desired amount. Have fun…:smiley:


I this better? I saw a list of reflective values attached to an ice cube tutorial last week and not i can’t find it so i just put “.13” as the value with a depth of 3

set the die material to smooth, i can see its a bit choppy.
add HIGHER spec(max it out), and make the hard value 420-450
trust me it makes it look like a nice shiny, glossy color, if you want it to be reflective turn raymir on and put it up to 0.15-0.30 and maybe add an environment texture.

how do you add texture? Still haven’t figured that out yet.

Better? Thanks All for the help