First person *bow* shooter

I am trying to make a game where you shoot a target with a bow, and as the levels progress, the target gets smaller, moves, etc.

Right now, my first problem is making the arrow start moving on a click and keep going with a positive X force. I tried combining an always sensor with a mouse sensor, an AND actuator, and then the motion, but it didn’t work.

Then, I want the arrow to be aimed with mouse movement, would this involve using a ray from the “character” (camera)?

This is my first big attempt at making a game that does not involve a ball rolling around! :slight_smile:


Use an FPS script (I’m sure you could find one by searching here) and an add object actuator with some force to make the arrows shoot.

So there is no way to do an fps with some fancy logic bricks?
I sort of suspected so. Darn. OK. My New Year’s resolution is to learn Python, so, at least I have something to work on.

There is, but you’d have to use the arrow keys instead of mouse control.

Oh well. I’ve been looking, and the only fps script I found is apparently in the need of a lot of tweaking. I think it was z3r0 d’s script. I am a complete beginner to python, so I think I’ll wait till I am better at it.

z3r0 d’s script seems to be the one that most people use. I believe it to be pretty self explainitory and easy to use. What exactly do you need to tweak on it?

Nothing specifically. Perhaps I was wrong. I was just going on what I read in the thread it was on. It’s probably not a problem.