first person (deprecated.)

it’s what it is, first human face ever. Pity me, for I used no tutorials, no photo reference and have no idea what I’m doing. it’s not part of anything yet and I don’t know if it will be, so it goes in tests; It probably sucks anyway.

If anyone wants to pick it apart, I’m not too attached to it, and I can always use the experience.

EDIT: I accidentally deleted these two pictures without backups, sorry. Check further down the page.

Also, I know the nose is thick and blunt, I made it that way. now it’s far too late for me to be up, so I sleep

I think it looks perfect especially without ref pics. Could you show a side wire and a closup of the eyes in wire mode. I’d like to study the edgeflow.

I really like it - without ref. -> GREAT work.

That is one of the best first faces I’ve seen. Nice work. model the ear and the side of the neck.

I absolutely agree, great modeling.
Typically, when doing organic modeling you want to avoid triangles, so you might possibly want to remove the one above the lips.

As remix_eyeballs says: Please finish the head and post it here again.

/ Mats

Very nice job, even without reference photos!

Please tell me you’ve got drawing talents (with pencils on paper).

If not, I’m going to fanboy you from now on.

musk: I don’t know why on earth you’d want wires. As I said, this is my first face ever and it’s probably abysmal, topology-wise. If you’re desperate, though, I will put some pictures up and let you look into the abyss of horror. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mats Halldin: Done, re: lips. In fact, I have completed the head–ears and everything–without any tris or 6-poles. The ears were quite the exercise. :]

oogsnoepje: I definitely would not go so far as to call it ‘talent.’ I have drawn faces before though.

Now for the pictures. I lightened the face, cleaned up a few things, and added ears. Since these are my first ever, again, and I am not TOTALLY suicidal, I used a photo reference for them.

Bad-ass, BlackBoe!!
The ears look great, and the join looks really good. Are you going to keep going and texture this one? I mean, it would be a shame if you stopped at the modeling phase…

BlackBoe: You have very nice topolgy in that face model. Very clean and suitable for deformations. I think musk means polygonal model without subsurf.

Mats Haldin: Youre right about avoiding triangles. But i have to disagree about removing triangles above the lips because I think those triangles are justifiable because they dont disturb deformation when making expressions (I think those triangles might even give much detailed and better deformation when doing expressions! that’s the reason why we are making such of topology’s (for expressions/deformations), right? … and it looks much cleaner mesh for my opinion (look at those images without wires). Keeping triangles in topology is good when you can justify those (We modellers often forgot that, because we are used to avoid every triangles in mesh. Sometimes triangles gives better solution than quads). Of course… this is my opinion :).

Wow, first face? Amazing!

Torso get.

Not in the detailing stage, just form and topology. Once again, I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, so feel free to rip it apart if you want.

3dz: I was kind of wondering about that. I added the triangle back, though I kept the existing extra loops, because they defined the lip a little better and help the mouth flow into the nose.

Craigomatic: I’m not honestly sure yet, that’s why I stuck it in the test forums initially.

Huh. Stop being modest. My first head looked like E.T.
(Edit: and they still do.)

I didn’t get much done tonight. Oh well.

Totally sick, damnit. Uh, I think you need to definitely cross this over to WIP and then go from there, you talented fool.

My .02 :stuck_out_tongue:

greit work…am just also finishing with female body and…have to learn a lot ;o)

I think, yes I do think, my good sir, that you are approaching the professional level. At your current rate of progression I would put you at professional at the outside two years.

Very neat topology. Though the pole just above the shoulder-blades will have to go (if you plan on rigging this). It won’t present a problem unless you are using extreme poses (like… free style swimming where the arm reaches very close to the head and past…).

Very well done (even if it is a test).

Looks great! Topology is very good for making it up as you go along.

Here’s the loops I recommend. As you can see, you’re pretty close. One difference, which isn’t marked on the above image, is the line of faces following the zygomatic arch from under the eye all the way to the ear. That lets me make fine adjustments on the cheekbone easily. Also, you could make her ear stick out more. Most peoples’ ears don’t hug their heads so closely.

I don’t have any particular advice on the torso. Looks good. Toloban and Wim both have excellent threads on female anatomy topology.

craigomatic: I’d rather not yet, if it doesn’t bother anyone. There’s less pressure to succeed with a finished product over in here. :stuck_out_tongue:

which one? I put a couple poles in on purpose. I’ll work on getting rid of the one you’re talking about if you get back to me.

orinoco, thanks for the picture, I’ll try the big over-arching loops with retopo or some such, and I’ll see if I can define the zygomatic arch a little better. The way it blends into the ear is nice, too. Also, I’ll see about bringing the ears out a little, I pretty much modeled them flat, so you’re probably right, now that I look at it. I’ll check in a mirror. Thanks for that. :]

I don’t particularly like your nose or eye topology though, they’re too segregated and symmetrical and there’s not a lot of organic flow to them. The cheek-bones look weird too, because you also cut out the vertical lines for the masseter muscles and tendons for the upper lip, by sticking that triplet of interrupting poles on her cheek down there.

Also, I’d much rather not just be relegated to some guy’s topic, external topics are always intensely impersonal and impossible to have a conversation with, and the good ole’ ‘list o’ authors’ approach you used means I will almost definitely find contradicting information, as people are always going different ways on the subject. As it is, I find it hard to get useful, consistent information out of them.

Looks like Torq’s - Better Face Tutorial. If you want to see even better topology check this thread where are loops around mouth and eyes different than in your model, such face topology is used in a modern cg industry: