First person Hide and seek game

I’m currently working on a game called Hide and seek. I have been doing the modeling of the map and i’m looking for a coder/scrippter, animator and maybe another modeler. Pm me for more information. The game will be free to play, and if we can get the game up and running and make any profit off of it we will share it alike.

Whats the game about?

Hide and seek is a game in which there are two teams, the hiders and the seekers.
The hiders have to conceal themselves in the environment while the seekers try to find them and kill them. If the seekers succesfully kill every hider before the time is up then the teams will swap.

Game Mods:
Xp level
Kills 15xp
survival 30xp
die -5xp

After certain level you can buy a mask and other items to customize your character.

Screen Shots:
This is a simple large map where the hiders can run up to the roof, hide in the bushes, or anything that could help them hide better.