First Person movement script with Key and mouse bindings

Yup that was my point haha, like to help people with easy setups, now if only more people would let them self known :wink:

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The normal version works good in the latest UPBGE 0.3 Alpha, the UPBGE version has that camera move on by itself. One thing I cannot figure out is how to open the keybindings menu (K does nothing)…

Unfortunately upbge 0.3 is not supported, and won’t work indeed.
All my resources are for blender 2.6+ and upto upbge 0.2.5.

Damn fine work! : D Those keybindings were beautiful!

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yes, it should work if you change the camera script.

change in line 148 to 152 into

x = (int(render.getWindowWidth()/2)/render.getWindowWidth())-logic.mouse.position[0]
y = (int(render.getWindowHeight()/2)/render.getWindowHeight())-logic.mouse.position[1]

should work, and stop the drifting of the camera, however keybind scene won’t work so it uses default keybinds that are defined in the script, change it however you like.