First Person Santa Claus Flight

I’ve been working on this on and off for 6 months now, I ran out of time and, as a result, has none of the originally planned story. So as it stands it’s kind of a taste of Santa’s perspective whilst flying around.

Everything was done in Blender. I learned a lot from this project mostly about project/file management and keeping control of my renders through the use of layers and Multilayer EXR files.

I hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas.


very well done, I like the map. I was almost expecting him to crash after not paying attention to his driving for so long!

Thanks, the map was a real prop I made.

Good job on this Tom!.. I could imagine a kid having a lot fun with this if it were a game.

Thanks, yeah it is a bit game like, I did think of doing a 360 version.

The arm animation look great, the map flapping in the wind looks great. I think that it would look nicer if the reindeer didnt move so suddenly and violently when the go down into the valley, I imagine that’s something to do with the path you have them following, also the way the reindeer all move in line with each other looks a bit off, if the front ones moved first then the second, third etc. basically the rule of animation about offsetting your actions. But overall really well done, It was a pleasant surprise as you made it look great.

This is epic :open_mouth:

EDIT: Would be epic with Oculus :slight_smile:

The arm and map are all green screen so no animation there. With regards to the path and looking like they move to stiffly, I did try and get them to arc more but this was all done to scale, when the plummet to earth from above the clouds I think they travel 3.5 km and so when they get to curve back up to the sky they were travelling at such a rate, I tried slowing the speed they were traveling but this resulted in a very slow looking turn with no vertical movement of the reindeer.

Very nice!

Yeahh that’s awesomeeee