First Person Shooters. Are they easy?

Are first person shooters the easiest to make out of all the genres in Blender?


CrAzY Dan :o

no, they aren’t

What is the easiest then?

It depands on your knowledge… :wink:

I agree with numaQ that it depends on your knowledge but the first game I made was a pointless racing one with hovering things.The hovering things had ipos that took them around the track while I parented a camera to my hovering thing and added in a few simple motion actuators.

Thats as simple as I can think of %|

I haven’t been using it for long. Approx. 3 months and im quite good and i want to try a first person shooter. Any tips?

Review Review and Review!!!Look at other peoples demos and files of how they did FPS, also check out squish the bunny, found in the blender gamekit.

FPS could be easy, but it all depends on skill level.

How do i open Squish the Bunny without it running straight away? I mean so i can look at the logic bricks.

Wow, well I guess not everyone figrured that for themselves…
Oh well.
Open the file from blender, you know, [File][Open…]…
Hope this helped.

start blender first

Ya, what he said. %|

Thanks Drewu.

ok, so im searching through the forum to see this Sqush the Bunny for myself, but I am not seeing any links to it or anything. is this only found on the GameKit CD - or is it floating around online as well?


It’s just on the gamekit CD, and I think that it would be illegal give a link to it.

IC, that would make sense, I wasn’t sure if it was just like a demo game that could be freely shared w/ others for learning or not.


No worthwhile game made on any platform or with any program is “easy”. Don’t expect it to just fall together or it will not ever see light.

Games are no walk in the park. You often need a little programming knowledge and knowledge on how game logic works. In Blender, simple games can be made using Logic bricks but when it comes time for more complex stuff, you need scripts.