First person world model problem

Lets say I want to create a first person shooter with split screen multiplayer, where each player has a view model which they can only see and a world model which only the other players can see. In other words, I want my character’s world model to only be visible on the other player’s screens. Example:

Is it possible in the bge for two cameras in the same scene to render these
models differently?

When rendering image for one camera, make player2.visible = false and weapon2.visible = false, but player1.visible = false and weapon1.visible = true. And vice versa for the other camera render. Do it just before rendering scene with camera(this is as I expect you to use render-to-texture for combining 2 renders).

Unforunately when doing splitscreen with the viewports method, there is no way that I know to get things to render differenly. If you do it with a RenderToTexture method, then yes, you can do it but the game will run significantly slower.