First person

lol, this is the first organic thing ive tried in Blender so a lot of c&c is needed.
BTW im using this in an animation hopefully and im gonna add clothes and weaponary etc.

About the strange holes in the shoulders, its a weird thing in the mesh i dont know how to get rid of it, lol


The shoulders look funky, maybe you could make them larger so the arms don’t look wierd as for the holes maybe if you select the vertices around the whole and then make a face f button it might fix it up otherwise i don’t know

ill change the shoulders but still cant close the hole

Try deleting eventual edges or faces in the mesh near the shoulder.
Looks good. Keep it up :smiley:

thanks, ill try that :smiley:

Just wondering whats the best way to make clothes?

the legs look “flat”… but i think thats just because its in front view… i dont know about the holes… good start


work on the groin area tho i do say that to most things lol :wink:


thanks people :smiley: