First photoshop painting

i just bought a new pen tablet for use with photoshop and i thought i’d share my first-ever photoshop painting =)

tell me what you think


not bad for starting with your tablet ^^ i give you a tip : use different brush textures for your futur work. because with the same brush it’s seems to flat, to " simple" you know … and also i would like to know why you didn’t showed the two eyes instead one and a half :slight_smile:
well i would like to see more of your talent work ^^
good luck


thanks for the tips.
yea i don’t really know why, but i think originally i wanted to have the right eye(her right eye) as the focus for some reason.

btw it’s not finished =)
i’ve still got a little bit of work to go

Looking really good man! Looking forward to updates.

thanks free_ality!

wow i just noticed that the pic looks awfully bumpy.
that’s not how it really looks, its the jpeg compression, i’ll have an updated version soon

The highlights are blown out and the darks are too dark. But it’s not bad for a first effort.

wow nice work for a first :D:D:D

thanks man =)

Nice start,

It appears as if the eyes are looking in different directions though.