First pic post ( wife test model )

(sofort99) #1


I am working on a model useing my wife as the model. But I guess that I have been looking to it for soooo long I can’t figure out what it is about it I don’t like.
Sorry, my wife will not let me post her pic for comparison."

Now, my wife is great, but the pic is not only not pure, but its actually kind of unclean :stuck_out_tongue:

(S68) #2

Good model (3D model I mean, real life model is nice too…), I expecially like the hairs, it is difficult to make them so good in Blender.

Skin looks a little plastic, giving her a barbie doll look :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #3

Very nice model. As Stefano said, the hair is just awesome. Did you post process the hair or done in Blender?

I agree with the plastic look that Stefano also mentioned. It is hard to get a good skin material blender. Just keep tweeking the settings until you get it.


PS: Nice looking wife BTW :wink:

(sofort99) #4

But like I said, it is far from pure.The only thing all blender is the star field.

the model for this (mesh model not the wife model ) came from renderosity in poser free stuff ( one that was free for personal and commercial just to be sure ) and the hair came with it. I remodeled it by getting Ddee to stand by a white wall and takeing a flashlight and butcher paper, taped the paper over the flashlight and cut a small slit in it. then I projected the line on her face. Then I took pics with a digital camera at a 45 degree angle to her. after doing this at her profile, halfway between her profile and edge of her eye, edge of her eye, middle of her eye, outer edge, etc,etc ( it helps to have a really really patient wife for this part ) I took the pics and drew a hi-contrast line on the pics in another layer in a paint program, saved this layer, used it as a rotoscope picture in blender. set the head on the pic, lined the camera up at a 45 degree angle, and just adjusted the mesh to fit the many pictures. The result is actually very very close to what she really looks like.

for the hair, I placed a purple (worked better against the background ) plane halfway back, painted hair black and rendered. opened in paint prog, made purple the trans color, and worked the heck out of it. then composited it back together.

But now I am going to redo it all with Manuel’s BlenderMakeHead , to try to get the file smaller. But I’ll probebly keep my hair.

(paradox) #5

very nice thanks for sharing your techniques. Learning new ways to do things is always nice. Looking forward to seeing it again using Manuels head script.


(VelikM) #6

Wow! Thats good.
It looks like shes slightly cross eyed though.

(Alltaken) #7

good work i don’t have a wife that is that patient

actualy i don’t hve a wife

maybe cause i only just old enough to get married

to make the skin look less refective or less smooth have you tried adding a bump map as the texture. perhaps using the noise texture that comes with it or even the clouds one.

set the contrast down on the bump texture so it doesn’t look to strong l(poc marks wont make her happy)

maybe youve already tried a bump map but its always good to share ideas 8)

(blengine) #8

oh u did a great job! i agree with the eyes, just ever so slighty have a cross eyed look…
amazing work, the hair is wonderfully done

(valarking) #9

looks great! the eyes don’t really look crossed to me.

(sofort99) #10

Took all of the suggestions, still WIP though

The eyes were too close together, and I am trying to get rid of the “plastic” look.

Thanks for the help.

(UglyMike) #11

Whooa!! :o

The skin now looks wa-a-ay better!

I preferred the previous eyebrows though… At least make 'em the same color as her hair

Maybe work on her ear too.

Oh yeah, and could you set me up for a date with her? :stuck_out_tongue: