First piece posted.

Hey everyone, I just discovered Blender about a month ago and I still think I’m dreaming! Just wanted to share a recent creation.

very good, i like it

Well, that’s good but, as there’s not that much to see, I can’t say something more.

Excellent modelling. I can’t really see much wrong with it.

Welcome to Elysiun. :wink:

simple and effective, well done

Tips on making the glass look real? Don’t know what the term is for this but what about making the light shine through the dolphin onto the wood. Is caustics the right term? How is that done?

it looks nice…

and yes, those are called caustics.

however, if you want to have them in your render, you’ll need yafray, and open-source and free raytracer, to do them for you…

there are quite a few tutes on using it, but your render times will increase significantly

welcom to elYsiun, by the way…


Caustics can be done with Yafray as the renderer and photon-lights combined with standard lights. Check out Google for tutorials or search at