First portfolio piece.

Putting as much effort as i can into this so i can make it my portfolio piece for people to look at,and for me to show my full capacity.

The model is still not finished and is WIP which is why i came here for help so i could possibly avoid making mistakes on it.

First of all the name for the pilots wearing these helmets (suits) are “Weaping angels
i chose that name as the helmet is for air pilots and the front of it when the top visor slides look like eyes crying.
Im also curious to hear what you think about the name.

I was trying to make it look really interesting and of course really good which is why i tried to put as much details as i could without making it look clustered or too noisy with details.
ive tried to make the visor look clean and elegant while the area around the jaw and back is filled with smaller parts and are more complex so it makes a contrast to the visor.

There are 2 visors,one is your average sci fi visor you see in games like destiny or halo and the other which slides from the top is a hard metal visor with all the optics in place.
The hole on the back is where the cable plugs into which supplies the helmet with all the necessary power and air.
The helmet has multiple layers to it and thats how its putted on the head by combining all the parts with special screws.
The optics in the visor and some of its parts will have like a neon glow similar to what you see in blacklight retribution which is probably where i got the ideas from.

I will be able to finish the high poly model but im having concerns with the low poly.As i want it to preserve as much details as possible with as little verts as possible and this is first time im doing something this complex.

Also is it okay if the heavy metal visor i do with mostly booleans? Ive tried to actually apply the boolean and subdivision and adjust the wireframe after that as much as i could but that way it wasn’t as smooth as it is here creating some nasty bumps and pinching even with even polygons.

And whats the easiest way to project images like text and logos on surfaces? As i want to have some text and warning sings on it and the only way i know how is to UV map it and than add it to the texture,so is there any easier way?

After i get the low poly mesh done (hopefully) i wont have all that much issues with UV mapping as its from many small parts so it will be easy to hide the seams.

Hope to hear your thoughts and critiques and thanks in advance! :smiley:

Looks great! A lot like Titanfall’s helmets.

You could use projection mapping for the textures. I forget how to do it, so look up a tutorial.

Like it, they look great.
P.S. You spelt weeping wrong, it’s with an e not an a . (Sorry to sound condescending, it can just look a bit unprofessional in a portfolio). I like the name though. Sounds good.

Thanks and i wasnt really aware that it would similar to anything but i guess there has been so much helmets and designs that it has to look like something.And thats all i need,just give me the name and i can do the rest.

Oh i didnt even notice,was late and night and i was tiered.But thanks