First post - a DVD cover image

Hi. this is my first post in this forum. I was using Povray till quite recently but I got amazed with Yafray and Blender as a tandem.
The image is a WIP for a DVD cover featuring a trip to Morocco of my relative. The DOF was added in post-process.
The lizard is still a dummy.
Please give me suggestions on terrain modelling and displacement feature especially in microscale.


Did you model the grass or is that an image?
Cause it looks amazing.
I can’t tell you anything bout the terrain, never been to morocco.
Wouldn’t know.

The grass are individually shaped blades and that is all the light that gives so much to the reality of it. The actual Morocco landscape is not a problem :slight_smile: just the best displacement or another perturbation (noise) technikue would be of a value to me.