first post - a table!

(AJB) #1

here’s the link

(pofo) #2

Looks good, I like the spec-map on the table.

Maybe the light is a little sharp, the shadows look very well defined even though the air is smoky.

  1. pofo

(ec2) #3

Very nice work. I like the bowl, oranges, and the volumetric lighting. Great work.

(kaktuswasse) #4

yeah, cool work!

Keep on making such good stuff!!

cya henrik

(billythekid) #5

very nice, love the wood texturing :smiley:
Billy the kid goat

(paradox) #6

very nice, now I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.


(DreamMaster) #7

Very warm, like the way the air looks smokey. Keep up your great work.

(valarking) #8

nice, how long have you been using blender?

(blengine) #9

great job! lighting is aweosme, and the textures are real cool too