first post EVER..i think

hey this is a post about my first game I’ve ever made on blender. I’ve studied blender for a little while and i made this, its a game that is a replica of the flash game helicopter. i spent only about 6 hours on this. (most of it is cause for some reason blender crashes all the time) but how do u think i did compared to the real version. and I will still be making it im not just stopping here


Cool, you need to improve the heli though. How does the logic work?
Btw, post this on the GE section…

hey thanks well the logic bricks are the heli is dynamic so by nature it will fall and just click to have the heli go up i got 25 on force to make it go up, and i know the heli isn’t the best i just made that in a min and to move this to GE section do I have to delete this thread?

its work in progress right??

Just tell a mod, they can move stuff.
How’s the original game? I can help you make it work the same way.

well I’ll post a link and the blend link ==>


heli test.blend (388 KB)

Hey, it’s pretty good already, but you forgot to pack the textures…

oh thanks and i don’t know what packing the textures is or what it does

hey B3D00 earlier you said you’d help me make it close to the real game, can u help me make a distance counter and make it so when you die the higher score stays. i can’t script at all but i can do anything else pretty well

That is already cool work with me, all you need is improve your heli and it’s gonna be great!

could you do a modded version of the heli game, i.e. shark in underwater cavesas opposed to heli in mountain or whatever it’s supposed to be.