First post. First Blender render. Generic cube/nostalgia

First time using blender. It is pretty easy to pick up and use, well, I believe that is only because my professors were crazy about vi. I did this a couple weeks back a day or two after using blender for some icons as an advanced vector drawing application. Blah blah blah… Anyways, here it is. A few things obviously wrong with it, but it turned out nice especially as a first real attempt at anything more then single objects.

hell yes it turned out nice for a first shot at blender!

lets give the man a hand for not having a shiny sphere anywhere in sight!

Welcome to Blender Universe.

Good first image using Blender.

Enjoy the stay at Elysiun and Blender land. :smiley:

i really like your mario, i like the sort of ‘glow’ you got there. very nice for first image on elysiun.

i remember my first time opening blender, i made the top of a cube elongated and i thought, cool its an aircraft carrier, (see, i didn’t realise that blender was such a powerful tool, and i thought that this was all it could really do, but boy was i wrong :wink: )

welcome to the world of blender!!! :slight_smile: !!! woo lets have a little party!

do de do de do…woooooo its a party…do de do de doooo, ohhh baloonsoh yeah…shake that booty…ahhhh…