First post, First Interior render

Hej Hello!

I started using blender like 4 months ago and i really really really like it!! I would like some feedback on my first Interior render. I also have 1 question, that is if i want to reduce noise with cycles, is it smart to always use textures and bake them? for the bed/bookshelf thingy i just used the standard diffuse. Tips/Tricks on light would be nice, like what if i want to make this a night render? Or is everything in proportion?

Btw. samples are 300 and color correction, hue/sat was done in photoshop.

Overall, very good scene for 4 months of experience. Here are a couple of tips.

  1. Your foreground seems a bit empty. For a room this small, you would expect some more things in the middle of it. Try putting something, that partly goes inside the frame, to suggest there is a world beyond this image.
  2. Your books seem to straight and tidy. If the person who lives there leaves their bed like this, I doubt that they would spend the time and effort to put their books so precisely alinged (goes for the ones on the floor too)
  3. Your interior lights are a little dim and too diffuse. Try to boost them for more contrast in the scene.
  4. The sunlight outside on the other hand seems very sharp and exact, even though the sky is very dark, as if the weather is cloudy or overcast. Work more on the sharpness of the sun lamp and the intensity a bit. Try to balance the lights so that you have clear light and dark sides of the object, and use the sunlight as an accent.

From conceptual point of view, think of the person who lives there. What does he or she like and dislike. What is their character and how do they interact with their environment. This way you will have a natural and interesting result. Our rooms speak a lot about our mentality.

Thanks for the reaction and compliment! Good point of the tidy books. I will work on the lighting and the other points soon and post the improvements.

Good job for a few months of experience.

Remember that their is basically no such thing as a completely diffused material.
Your also going to want to add some dirt maps. Remember, dirt is everywhere, and finally wall paper changes size at the wall corner, might want to work on the UV map.

Lovely work, job well done!
I would use a bit longer, separate curtain and open the window to show some dramatic move of the curtain waved by the wind from the outside.
I would also make the focal length shorter to include a bit more space in the scene and thus some cozy atmosphere will be added.
I read the commets from other people above and I totally agree with them myself. :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

Thought I’d add in some more;

  • Texture the books - take pictures of book covers and learn to UV map them. Start a digital “library” so you can use the same books in different scenes.
  • Subdivide the cloth/blanket at least x10, add in some wrinkles and folds
  • rethink the blind/curtain. reference interior design images on Pintrest to find a modern alternative.
  • Add items to the shelves or remove the shelves completely - I’m not sure what’s going on under there. Add handles and glossiness to the cupboards.
  • Increase the size of the floor texture
  • Change the composition - reference Pintrest as above
  • don’t feel like you have to model everything (or anything, really, apart from the room itself. There are many good free resources for good quality furniture models.

Great first effort, overall.

I could see the room getting a little darker with the lighter focus coming from the window area. The left and right edges are definitely too sparse. It’s a nice cozy space otherwise.