First post, first project!

Hi all,
Some amazing and inspirational work here at BlenderArtists, very talented.
I downloaded the amazing Blender 2.49 about 4 weeks ago. Constructed this mess and not sure what to do with it next. I think it’s some kind of military scientific research droid, in a steampunky style. Anyway do I tidy it up ( as it’s not sculpted it’s just tons of objects thrown together ) or, research materials and textures, or, create some fine detail, or, all 3, hmm? Kind of learning as I go along here ( like alot of people I guess).
I’m looking forward to learning the 3D world.
Thanks for listening.


I like this alot…

why do I feel more noobish every time I see another “first project” post and it makes mine look like a stick figure drawing lol.

I’m only a week in though, so I’m not feeling too bad. I’d like to see this with some metallic shiny textures and maybe some “lights” on the robot thing itself

Welcome to BlenderArtists sfearkyoob! :smiley:

I really like your robot/thingy/dude! It looks quite complex, how long did it take to build? Nice work over all. Some material work will make this guy look even nicer.

‘Lights’ - that’s an excellent idea, azmyth. Noted. Thanks Robo3Dguy, have been on holiday for a week and instead of getting away and seeing the world and unwinding, I decided to sit in front of my PC and frustrate myself learning Blender and putting this 'bot thing together. So all-in-all spent quite a few hours on it ( with lots of mistakes). There’s something addictive about this 3D
Yes, materials and textures, I am discovering resources and downloading .blend files to add to my beast. Though not making my own seems a bit like cheating but it’s a bit to advanced for me yet and I just wanna see what he/she/it will look like.
Have any of you guys done any armature yet, it looks really complicated? ( but essential).:eek:

Ooops! Back button repeated message, my bad.:o

Ok that makes sense
like azmyth my first model was horrible
so bad that i didn’t think it was worthy to post anywhere:)

downloading resources was a good idea, being able to actually make something that looks good really helps motivate you. I found the learning curve a little steep but maybe that’s because of my short attention span lol :smiley:

anyway it’s looking good, keep it up :slight_smile:

sfearkyoob: About armatures: For making bone systems, there are 3 (easy) steps: (I’m not giving you a tutorial, just the philosophy)

#1 Create your rig (armature) this is very simple and scientific. Just extrude out bones to create arms, legs and such. It is useful to name your bones.

#2 Child/Parent the rig to the mesh. You will have 4 options once you hit CTRL+PKEY but the best one (if you want things to be automatic) is to select the “Create from bone heat” option.

#3 Now if you go into Pose Mode (lol this is sounding like a tutorial now) and rotate the bones, parts of the mesh will follow. But most likely your mesh will not be deforming properly. :frowning: So, you use Weight Paint mode to “paint” bone influence onto the mesh. Very cool. This step is the one that takes the most time.

I’ve been using Blender for 3 years, and it still takes me a few hours to use weight painting to correct mesh deformations.

Hope this helps.

Oh hey! here’s a great rigging tut if your interested: —> (first it goes through making a dude, then it walks you through rigging it)

Thank you Rob3Dguy and 2winged,
Sounds really easy AND really complicated at the same time.:eek:
I shall follow the link and take a look, though still fumbling about with materials a mo’. I know what you mean about steep learning curves.
Shall post a pic when some advancement is made. Tonight hopefully :smiley:

Made this mock-up in Photyshop, just to get an idea of where I’m going with this. I think the bots (robots not bottoms):o need a bit of colour, thing is they look plastic when coloured. More playing about, or is there a good fix?


Are you rendering it with blender internal?
personally i like to use yafaray but that’s just me :slight_smile:

anyway you have ray mirror enabled right?
I would suggest upping some of those settings, making them look more like metal.
but seeing as your using ps for the background the reflections wont be accurate, you’d have to model the scene for that to work:spin:

Yes only rendered in/with internal BlenderRender. I have seen a few comparisons between it and Yafray and the latter does seem to produce better results, so, will look into it and give it a go (at some point, so much to l e a r n )! :eek:

Erm… no, in answer to your second question 2winged, Ray Mirror not part of my knowledge base yet. Again will look into it. :eek::eek:

You seem to be very knowledgeable and experienced 2winged, good to have you on board, as it were, much appreciated.:smiley:

Oh I rendered the background image of pic, in blender as a background image, only added birds, lights and rubish footprints in ps. Though one question, I couldnt find how to match the resolution of model to that of the picture, model looked about half res.:frowning: Any suggestions?