First Post - First works with Blender

Hi everyone! I’m new over here, I was waiting to finish my first works to swing by and say hello and begin to stay active in this forum.

I call myself a newbie in Blender, I’m using it by almost 3 months, so I’ve too much to learn yet :smiley:

So here is my 4 animations I’m the past month, I had to done them in almost 2 weeks, so I’m not really happy, but everyone knows how time bite us :mad:

Dep. Escultura opening

DCADHA opening project

Leave your more honest critique and feedback :rolleyes:

PS: Down there are two more link, beacuse don’t let me post the 4 in the same post :no:

Here are the other 2 that I mentioned:

VC concrete test

Metalic Shield Reveal

Again, be honest! :yes:

modelling, materials, lighting are very good.

Thanks daren! :smiley:

hey hombre, gran trabajo, en mi opinión el mejor de ellos son los primeros dos en el departamento y tal. Creo que las texturas del hormigón podría ser un poco mejor, porque si se utiliza en una película, es probable que señalar que son generadas por ordenador. Echa un vistazo a, hay grandes texturas que le ayudará en gran medida.

Thanks Paolo!

I know about the concrete, that work I had to do it in almost 4 hours, so I haven’t enough time to spend on it :frowning: and also about cgtextures I use it since some time for After Effects :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys!!

I liked only “Metalic Shield Reveal” work. But it seems to me that something is missing here. Maybe you would add more action to it?

I really liked first and last, Others were good too :slight_smile:

i think they are very good. but the metallic shield, i took interest in. Try to make more emphasis on the shield itself. Theres a lot of detail on the background which is good, but you dont want so much as to where it draws your attention away from the shield.

@Shader2: Thanks :wink: that is my favorite too :smiley: And I would like to improve it, but for the time being is in standby. I did it a few weeks ago and now I’m working in modeling and sculpting stuff.

@RossBlenderArt: Thanks! :smiley:

@foresight : Thanks man, that’s very true, I take note for future projects :wink: