First post/ Happy New Year

Hi all. I am an aspiring graphic artist. Though I limited knowledge and ability still I am completely self taught. Ive not been around gimp, photoshop, blender etc for nearly 10 years. I am finally getting back iinto a place where I can dabble. This is my first animation.

Now it’s as rough as they come. Only a 2 frame loop. I drew, filled, and animated in about 5 minutes. I just want to introduce myself and say how grateful I am to start to new year in this position. I wish you all the best in nursing your hangovers.

This is some placeholder art for a couple of developer friends who also are self taught but way ahead of me. They refuse to branch out like me. I am here to learn and build off critique. Please look for my future works!

cleaned it up a LITTLE bit and whipped up another one to accompany it.