FIRST POST! Need suggestions!

Hey all, new to this forum. I think she needs some color…or…something… :-?

this should be posted in the traditional fourm

I moved this to more correct place…

so mjabstracts…please try to post where it belongs :wink:

good luck with your art!

I know, after I posted it, I realized I had done it in the wrong way! Thanks for moving it!!! Sorry about that

Great image, I like your style. I don’t think it needs colors, but maybe some different shades of grey, to keep a “dark” touch. (Or maybe dark colors… hmm… I don’t know )

I will play around with the gray shades. I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks!


i think it should have color but weirded twisted colors reds and purpuls maybey

I agree with fly… this should go with a psychadelic color scheme… reds oranges purples VIVID colours… for some reasone when I saw the pic I immediately thought that the sky ought to be Blood Red. Maybe make her face Grey, purple cloak… dunno about the rest though.