First post : ) Nudity

Hi everyone !

I have been learning blender for about a year. This is my third attempt to create a human face. It is not perfectly symmetrical.

Small update , in progress…


I have also a version with mirror modifier on.
Work in progress : )

Feel free to comment
Thanks !


Congrats, clean topology imho. What app did you use before Blender?

you might want to give 123d Catch a try as well to photo digitize a head and have a 3D model to provide dimensional boundaries. I found real 3D scans or 3D models a lot more helpful to match face details the best.

It’s not done yet, I’m still working on it.

Steno - I haven’t used any other application before blender, I started with Blender.

cekuhnen - I will check

not too bad. I have seen these blue prints in use before and the only problem I ever have with them is that the posture is a bit un-natural but rigging the model can easily fix this problem. looking good so far, keep up the good work.

Thank you, will probably continue to a new model when I will try to learn rigging. Hopefully coming back to this model to rig it after that.

In progress…