First post, technical help needed regarding speeding up simulation

First of all I got the ProArt Studiobook One with the Quadro RTX 6000 and a i9 chip and it has already greatly increased my simulation time in FLIP fluid simulation from the old beast I had been chained to for the last decade(an old Dell workhorse). Now, I’m coming at a lot of this as a novice even though I have many years in the industry but mostly on the compositing end of things, and for the past 5 years I was overcoming some health challenges…but now I’m back and I want to get into CGI, in particular physics simulation. I understand that I buy a G RAID drive and somehow (total idiot here) set it up as a RAID 0 array then it can speed up my machine. I don’t want to buy a 12 terabyte usb c drive if it won’t help out my simulation or render time in this regard. Is there any other things worth considering besides just buying gear to help speed things up? Just wanting to come in on top here. And yes I bought a workstation laptop for space and travel reasons. It doesn’t make sense for me to buy a desktop ATM.