first post... Yafray hdri question...

Hello everyone!
I have been lurking for a while now on the boards and reading up on some pretty neat things (not to mention getting pretty inspired by some of the works displayed around here!) that i look forward to trying in blender.

so i got past the initial overwhelming gui and have started to delve a bit further into blender (i still cant believe this software is free… amazing).

At the moment, I was following a tutorial i ran into somewhere on using hdri.

the tutorial had a simple sphere setup on a plane, then had the hdr image setup as a world texture. my question/problem is this:

If i leave the default Yafray settings and render with a single lamp i can get a pretty nice render of the sphere, complete with reflections of the hdr i am using. but… i try to use GI because i am currently under the impression that the hdri will provide illumination for the scene. (is this a correct assumption?). So i turn off my lamp and set the GI method: Full and Quality: Medium to let the hdr illuminate the scene. Problem is that the render process just hangs there indefinitely. Yafray looks like it loaded everything fine, then just gets to…

Render pass: [

and sits there for quite some time. the scene is quite simple, so this has me a little worried. if i turn off GI, then the scene will render just fine (though it needs a lamp to be illuminated, though i can see the reflection of the hdr in the sphere).

any thoughts on this, or am i just (again) missing something really sillY?

btw, alot of the works i have seen on this site are just amazing. here to hoping that i can start producing some interesting things soon as well!


The “FULL” method of GI in Yafray should not be taking long to render at all. This is the Pathlight option and typically renders faster tha the “SKYDOME” option.

I’m not entirely sure what is going on without looking at your blend file. Any chance you can post it?

Yes, you are correct that the HDRI file does provide the lighting for the scene.