First Post

Hi everyone! As the title states, this is my first post on this forum. I decided to join to see what others are making, get more involved in the 3D community, and potentially work on new projects/collaborations.

I wanted to share one of my completed personal projects. I’ve actually been playing drums for about 14 years and decided to make a 3D model based on what my drumkit looks like. A bit of info about the image:

  • Rendered with Cycles
  • Wood textures are from Poliigon
  • Principled Shader used for the metal hardware
  • A bit of blur added with Photoshop
  • I spent hours adjusting the color gradient until I thought it matched the real thing

Thanks for reading!

Hello and welcome to the forum!!

For a first post it’s quite a nice job! Composition wise, there are a few things I would change. Since this is the “finished projects” section, I’ll not waste time with critiques.

Very nice job and although this is your first post here, I can tell you’ve spent some time learning blender.

Good Job!