First Post

Hi All

I have been using blender for a long time now, and have been watching its progress over time. It keeps getting better and better. I’m excited to see what it will become in the future. I hope the developers continue their efforts for a long time to come.

I have also been visiting elysiun almost daily for many months and reading the posts and news. I finally decided to register.

best regards

pleased to make your acquaintance

Hi lojik3rd. Welcome to the forums.


Oooh My Go blender, we’ve got another user in the blender community. O_o Well welcome lojik3rd I hope you enjoy your stay on elysiun. Nice to meet you. Try to visit irc #blenderchat for some nice chatting about blender and with many blender users. :smiley:

Welcome new user, I for one hope you get comfortable here :slight_smile: