First Post

Hey all, this is my first post, and I’m new to this community and blender…Glad I have time to spend with you guys cuz usually I’m busy with other stuff…

glad to have you with us… whatever your nick is (my God, they’re just getting more cryptic and more criptic : I tell you, simply criptier :P)

Is the other struff 3D related ?


I just got blender so, I’m still figuring out how to use it. I got the tracing part down pat. Reminds me of auto-cad for engineers, the whole feel. I’m shadowed civil engineers and I seen them use it before. The sit and click away on the comp for hours.

So I’m going to be trying to figure out how to use blender these next few days, but after that I have to finish up some college apps, and start studying again for my Ap classes.

You can pronounce my name this way: (Gee-Nor.Rea)…Lol, if you want to but its and Acronym. You guys can put the words into it idc, to you it can mean w/e you want it to.

It came from a phrase we used to say often, Good Game No Replay, its like a taunt. You would say that if you beat someone, and you didn’t think the game was close enough for a replay…
I grew out of it, thankfully though, cuz those gamers are a little obsessed with their games…, cool.
Had I known this taunt back in the day, I’d still own the titles for NBA 99/00/01/Madden 99/ Fifa/ Grand tourismo/ Bond and Super Mario…lol

From one noob to another welcome to the forums and to blender, Lots of great people in here and tons of things to learn. Hope you have as much fun as 'm having.

LMAO, funny how you say that, because for me it would have been vice versa…This taunt, on or something, could spark a flamming match for hours…Ironically, i choose my name from that taunt…

Thanx for the Welcome
I’d retire my controller and sit back an polish my championship rings