First post...

I have been working with Blender for a couple of months now, I started out on Anim8or. Stayed away from blender becuase of the sharp learning curve. I finaly forced myself to learn and have not looked back.

Anyway enough rambling this is my second blender project. I’m not done withit yet but it is time to step back from it for awhile. I think it needs some more detail.


Welcome to Blender and Elysiun!

Very nice modelling/texturing/bumpmap! :smiley:

As far as the helmet goes, it looks fine for detail, imo.

As far as the scene is concerned, well that could use some work.

When you say you are not done with it… do you mean the helmet, or the scene, or both?

Second project huh? Very nice work for your second project. Heck, I’m still on my first (started it in May…)!

Well, once again, welcome and happy blending!


You have started out really nice.

I think that the horn is too simple compared to the overall style of the helmet.

I agree with Soter that the scene needs more work. There are unlimited possibilities: warrior’s camp as they prepare to leave, battlegrounds after the great battle, fallen skeletal warrior with only few bones, shattered weapons and his precious (cracked?) helmet left in dark woods illuminated only by the vaning crescent moon … The helmet could fit in any of these. I am sure you will figure out a lot more.

In my opinion scene is half the work. A good scene affects the viewer’s emotions. It’s not just a pretty picture, it’s a story if done properly.

Almost forgot, welcome to Elysiun! :smiley:

The helm is off a anime show called Full Metal Alchemist, I wanted to make a realistic render. The main part of it is done the only thing I want to fix is the hair coming out of the back ( it needs to be softer)

The scene needs more work I just not sure what I want to do with it yet. I think it is time to sit back and reaproach it.

Hey henrymop what is “UGH!!!”? is it total distaste for my post?

Anyway thanks for the welcome.


Great start. I have nothing else to offer than what the others have said above.


Same crits as above

Awesome style on the helm though

I do have a suggestion on the scene. You should look into Yafray for HDRI images as I will improve the metal material considerably (because of slight reflections and lighting thanks to the HDR map).

The modeling of the helm is not bad at all :d


Same as all befor me… but what i do have to say
YOU DECAPITATED AL!!! I havent seen that show in a long while… good modling, much better than I