First Post

I’ve been a Blender user for years, though I am just starting to feel confident enough to post. Blender has equalled (maybe even surpassed) Zbrush as my favorite program, and I use both together. My worflow for this image is:
Blender Basemesh, initial sculpt, UV’s
Zbrush Sculpt, displacement, normals, specular, and texture
32 bit displacement saved over as .exr in blender
Beard and eyebrows in Blender particle system
Blender internal render with Amb, Occ. and sss
Final adjustments in PSP

Comment and criticism are most welcome, it’s the best way for me to learn.


Welcome to the forums!
I like people like you, sure, it is nice to see a bunch of newbs posting their most pathetic creations in order to get support and tips …
But I think it is a mark of wisdom to wait till you have something worthwhile to post. So props on that :).

It looks great, far surpasses my texturing abilities. My only critique would be that his eye lids kind of seem lumpy and un-human. They should be larger because the eyeball is much to large in comparison to it, the eye could also be brighter, it seems kind of dark and undetailed.

Fantastic first post though :).

~ Mark

yeah! fantastic! been posting for a while here, but haven’t made something as good as that! :frowning:

Thanks for the warm welcome, positive feedback, and constructive criticism. I agree on the eyes, and eyelids, I’ll try to update soon.

Here are the updated eyes and eyelids.


Your style is great! Is he rigged? Are you planning to animate him?
Would love to see that render with some shadows to complement the AO.

i’m not sure if its just me or what… but i like the first one’s eyes better… :slight_smile:

I would give him a role as Prog’s father in “Elephants Dream 2: Emo’s Revenge” :smiley:

nice work!

i think it’s great! but he has no teeth… it would look soooo much better if you added some teeth!

It has been a while, but I added all the missing mouth components and composited a multi-layer render in PSP. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks


You might wanna change the tooth size depending on which tooth it is.