First Professional Game

Hey all,

For those who dont 'member me, im a guy who got his 3D addiction via Blender in about 2002’ish.
For those who do remember me, i have some cool news. My first game (as modeler/texture artist) NBA Live 06 is finally out!!! :slight_smile: The website is: if you want to read up on it.
Just wanted to share that with everyone, since i got my start with Blender and owe so much to it.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Friggin great news dude. Glad to see you’re living the dream man. You deserve it.

Glad to see you stopped by too. Been too long bud.


Heya BgDM!!!

Good to see ya man. Thanks for the kind words, it has been a lot of fun to work on games like that, a dream as you put it. I also did some work on Fifa for the Xbox 360, and working on Next Gen games is fun, so much more artistic freedom with the higher amount of pollys.

Am just going through the art sections here to check out ppl’s stuff, hopefully i will see some new and awesome works by yourself, 'cuz i hope your still blending!!! :slight_smile:


edit: well, i found the outhouse… :slight_smile:

Cool to see someone who actually made it into the field, gives me hope for the future :smiley:

Edit: Doesn’t EA treat artist like slaves though? Heard tales… :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratz man! Way to go.

Did they let you use Blender or did they make your use something else? What was it like working for EA?

Congrats Bapsis! :smiley: really happy to learn that you achieved what you wanted :smiley:

I’d like to see on which models you worked if possible :smiley: could you point us some screenshots from the website? :smiley:


So that’s why you disappeared!

Ooh, I remember you. Congratulations on the work situation. Once you’ve got EA sports on your resume, there’s not much you can do wrong career-wise.

For people who want to work in the games industry, could you maybe give some tips as to your work history? Like how did you start off in 3D - we know this with Blender - but how long did it take to get from nothing to where you are now and how did you get in touch with EA?

Also, what did you show them for a resume before they hired you? Was it just your website?

I sure would like to see some of the models you work on there. Be careful though. I don’t know how the companies work but make sure you are allowed to show examples of your work.

Out of interest, how many polys constitutes low-poly on a next-gen console? I would imagine it’s in the tens of thousands. VRally cars on the PS2 were 16,000 polys each so would it be about 5 times more on the PS3? That would be amazing.

Working with the old limits of just a few thousand polys would have been much worse. But don’t get sloppy now. We don’t want you making inefficient models just because you’ve got the hardware to spare ;).

Can I have a job…lol jk…no really can I…

Hey, Bapsis! Long time no read! Congrats on the game, it looks great, and glad to hear you’re still working there (we should all be so lucky!). And drop by more often, you’re being missed!

Wow, i went away for a bit and just rememberd to check this post, was supprised to get so many, thanks guyz!!!

As far as any advice, just keep on practacing and get good! :slight_smile: School dosent help if your willing to make the financial sacrafice and its a great thing for companies to see on your resume.

As soon as EA releases the screenshots i took of the chars i did (quite a few of them), i will post a couple.



Bapsis, man!
Glad to see you again, and cool news about your job! Too bad our Star Trek game never worked out…

I haven’t made it into the field yet.

Anyway, nice seeing you!

PS- Didn’t you used to type “Blend on, and blend well” after every post? Or was that someone else?

Heya PP,

Yep, that was my quote “Blend on, and blend well!!!”. Speaking of Star Trek games, i came close (or still am close) to working with Perpetual on Star Trek Online. I’ve talked with them throuogh email and sent them some of my work, but havnt heard from them in like 2 weeks… :frowning:

Anywayz, great to see you again PP, hope your still blending on… and welll :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I love NBA Live, especially the one for 360. I just bought it all last night. Did you work on the 360 version? The graphics are absolutly stunning. The PC version looks pretty good too (which I also have) and I enjoy the freedom of being able to edit little things on the PC. If you wanted someone to give you feedback, I’d be glad too. Congratulations on making it.

Grats man, great to hear of blenderheads making it big :slight_smile:

Do you have a website or something with other work you’ve done since you can’t release the game shots yet?