First Project (Don't Laugh!)

This is my first blender project. I’ve been learning Blender for about a month. I work part time at the James H Lynn Planetarium at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC. We are in the process of building an information kiosk so that the public can preview current and coming shows. One of our current shows is written for elementary school students. It’s called “Earth, Moon and Sun” and explains the seasons and the phases of the moon. The show includes a cartoon Coyote who, in one segment, uses a flashlight to explain apparent motion. This project is a “trailer” for that show. Music will be added later. Rendered in Blender as three seperate segments, which were then joined by commercial video software where the fades were added.

Here’s the link:

well, it wasn’t that bad. . .though it could use some work. Keep at it and happy blendering!

Thanks! The current video is actually pretty low res stuff that I did with a “crappy” encoder. The “real” thing looks a LOT better. All in all, it does the trick. I figure it will take me quite a while to come up to the speed of some of the “pros” around here, but I plan to make the effort.

Haha, that was funny.