First Project: Gryphon

I’m currently learning Blender to make creatures for a game. The director actually wants low poly creatures, but I figured that as long as I was learning Blender, I might as well make something I’ve been needing for a long time: a gryphon “wooden mannequin”. Wooden mannequins theoretically are to help an artist draw human proportions and poses correctly, but anyone who actually has one knows that it is nearly impossible to get a wooden mannequin into the poses actually needed. So long ago I switched to Poser Figure Artist for my “wooden mannequin” needs. It’s great as long as what you need is a human.

Yeah, I sure pick nice easy projects for my first go, don’t I?

Naturally I followed the bird wing tutorial here that everyone making bird wings follows. It clearly wasn’t written with beginners in mind, but I did manage to get the armature working. Now I’m at the part that would have theoretically been covered by part 2 of the tutorial… had it existed… the mesh deformation. In my file, everything is assigned to a bone at a full 1.0 because there are so many parts to the gryphon that I thought it’d be easier to make sure everything worked correctly before I made everything work pretty. And for the most part, it does. … … … Except for three stretch bones. I’m assuming the stretch bone at the leading edge of the wing, in the tutorial, is there to attach stuff to. I might be wrong, that might be where I’m going wrong… but why put it there if it’s not meant to attach the front of the wing to? So with that theory in mind, I also made the back half of the tongue a stretch bone (because birds do have stretchy tongues, some more stretchy than others).

It looks correct in edit mode:

But in object mode:

The tongue:

Hard to make out, but the stretchy part is sitting too high, and parts of the underside is protruding through the top:

Looks so pretty:

Gah spork!:

The Blender File:

The links are all my OneDrive (MSN).


It looks like a decent project considering you may have not used Blender for that long.

First thing, the normals on the wings look inverted compared to the rest of the mesh. I would also recommend you start attaching images directly to this forum rather than just linking to your cloud drive (will make things easier and faster as you will be able to make it visible in your posts).

I can not see the pictures, it shows me a message “problem with this page, try later” …

I kinda figured that out a day after submitting this thread. Hence the second thread with the nearly identical name that has pictures attached to it.