First project in ages! - car, helpful hints apreciated

ok i have been out of this game for a while, blender has changed a fair bit in the last 2 years or so since i was last active, i know the basics but little tip on my modeling and stuff would be sweetness!

This is what i have so far

ok your verticies need to line up better, unless…well ok on the wires it shows that you are using quads, but the solid view shows you are using triangles, so i am guessing that is due to verticies not lining up very good.
And why not use a mirror modifier now? that away you can see the full car not half…i meant it is not necessary but i think it helps…anyway up to you…

Thanks DDD
I have spent a bit of time on this now just trying to keep it a good wire… there is one part where i am finding it hard too make a clean mesh without making too many more verticies. here is what i have now.


Looks like a BMW. Am I right? :smiley:

Yeah it does an M3 maybe:confused:

yes yes, M5 I must be doing something right :stuck_out_tongue:

did some more! mesh is a bit messy where the door meets the back Eeek apart from that, anything bad stand out?

another one :smiley: