First project in corona

Last year in March I promised myself to learn Blender 3d software and this is where I am right now, very exciting. I guess I covered one percent of the possibilities, so still a long and steep way to go.


Amazing Render! Love the Raytracing

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Very nice render, I recommend you buy this book, its a great read it teaches you all about the different areas involved in production like modelling, rigging and all that. Its helpful to read through it even if you already know most of it, what that basically means is the stuff you already know in the book you can just read through quicker.

This is how it teaches you, it teaches you everything in chronological order.

This is what you’ll be learning towards the end of the book, there’s 26 chapters in total. Right now I’m on chapter 16 lol.

After I read through the whole book I’m going to follow all of Royal Skies Tutorials, his story is basically when he was learning 3d he had to spend ages looking at tutorials, so he created his own tutorials that are super short and teach you pretty much everything, he’s also got a game on steam called “Vanguard Knights” you can find more about him here on this site I just found while trying to search for his youtube

For me following a tutorial on how to make a gun or sword anybody can do, but I honestly think rather than just following what they do, its better to know what tools they are clicking and why they are clicking them, if you get what I mean.