First Project: Lake Scenery

This is actually a frame from a 20 second animation I have been working on which will hopefully finish rendering soon but I though I will get some reactions and feedback on my first animation project :).

Update: finally finished rendering-

Great job! Maybe work some more on the textures and lighting, but other than that great job for first animation! :yes:

@gat: have to disagree with the lighting issue
I love the lighting and general mood of the animation
What in my opinion needs more work though is:
1st the bird… it simply looks plastic/fake… either make it more detailed or decrease depth of field so that it is blurry and those details cannot be seen
2nd the rocks also can use little bit more love

I agree but how do I decrease the depth of field? I hope to improve the animation more by working on the water animation by playing around with the ocean modifier and make better rock texture.